Food Forests for Schools

Diagram of a Banana Circle


多年来在学校进行的测试表明,香蕉圈是一种高效的堆肥和食品生产系统,易于安装. They can be installed as part of a Food Forest or as a stand-alone composting system. They are sustainable, prolific, and require minimal maintenance. 一圈带中心坑的香蕉树提供了社会已知的最有效的堆肥系统. As a bonus, 他们从景观美化维护中源源不断的有机物质中生产出大量的香蕉和大蕉.

Banana plants tolerate heavy amounts of precipitation, so they are ideal for the tropical climate. They even reduce flooding in surrounding areas. With strategic placement, the plants beautify the outdoor space. 它们提供了一个易于管理的树冠遮阳,因为精心挑选的植物不会超过15英尺高. 这些作物将在未来几年继续为学校学生和工作人员生产各种香蕉和大蕉. AG亚游集团官方网站的“学校食物森林”项目为学生提供土壤和其他相关课程,让他们学习堆肥科学. Thus, Banana Circles are one of Mother Nature’s gifts that keep on giving.

Soil Health modules for Banana Circles: